YEES Yogurt Malaysia, United Point Kepong

June 28, 2020

Promising the whole-milk richness of a genuinely Australian-born brand, YEES is our best bet for yogurt beverages in Malaysia, with a cavalcade of tempting varieties, from purple rice to pistachio.

YEES' first outpost was unveiled last year in Haymarket, Sydney; since embarking into Malaysia this year, the brand has already conquered numerous neighbourhoods, spanning the Klang Valley to Penang and Perak, stretching the entire peninsula from Kedah to Johor.

The latest offshoot of YEES Yogurt Malaysia launched this month, in Kepong's up-and-coming United Point development, less than a 20-minute drive from areas like TTDI and Desa Sri Hartamas. It's a bright, comfortable space, blessed with plenty of sunshine, showcasing colourful, cheerful flourishes that include a charming kid-and-koala mural.

For yogurt enthusiasts, YEES is the real deal, relying on Bright Cow premium milk for its pure, natural offerings - fermented goodness at its most nourishing.

The yogurt beverages here cater to all generations - sweet and tangy, bursting with luscious textures in every slurp-worthy sip. The flavours showcase beloved ingredients in cool, contemporary fashion, perfect for combating our country's heat and humidity.

All beverages are freshly prepared to order, so you can certainly taste their full punch and vitality.

YEES' selection is extensive, whipping up something for everyone.

The Signature Series is the ideal introduction, beginning with the basic Purple Rice Yogurt (RM13.90, in standard servings of about 500ml that are satisfyingly filling, even as sustenance on its own) - this is mixed with grainy greatness, comprising black and white glutinous rice for a beautiful bite.

If you crave nuttiness, check out the Hazelnut and Pistachio Yogurt (RM16.90), brimming with crunchy bits of top-notch nuts that complement the beverage's lusciousness. We also like the Taro Yogurt (RM16.90), which channels the distinctively earthy nuances of taro, and the Oreo Yogurt (RM13.90), with the flavour of chocolate cookies flowing through the drink.

If the refreshing, rejuvenating qualities of fruits are what you seek, there are also lots to choose from, such as the Honeydew Melon Yogurt (RM13.90), Dragon Fruit Yogurt (RM13.90),  Mango Yogurt (RM14.90) and Avocado Yogurt (RM17.90).

We enjoyed how the gentle subtleties of the fruits shone in each beverage - you can certainly taste ripe melons and mangoes blended with the yogurt, creating a harmonious synergy of ingredients.

While yogurt drinks are definitely not for slimming down, since they remain a high-calorie indulgence, they still offer wholesome values, promoting healthy digestion. They're also free of preservatives, artificial flavourings and genetically modified additives.

Other options include playful pleasures like Sweet Potato Yogurt (RM13.90), as well as a Bird's Nest series for traditional beauty-boosting benefits, with each yogurt beverage infused with 30 grams of Penang-cultivated bird's nest and other nutritious components like cranberries or dates.

As a youthful brand, YEES is particularly popular among patrons in their twenties and thirties, many of whom are happy to linger over drinks for hours in YEES' vibrant venues. The brand strives to cater to all Malaysians, with halal yogurt and other ingredients.

Many thanks to YEES Yogurt Malaysia for having us here.

YEES Yogurt Malaysia

Unit G-28, Ground Floor, Pusat Perdagangan Berpadu (United Point), Jalan Lang Emas, 51200 Kuala Lumpur. Daily, 10am-10pm. Tel: 012-384-2652

For full list of YEES branches across Malaysia: yeesyogurt.com.my/outlets