Yakitori Ebisu, Tropicana Gardens Mall

July 17, 2020

If chicken rules the roost for your Japanese food cravings, wing your way to Yakitori Ebisu, where fowl play ranges from juicy crowd-pleasers to offal rabble-rousers.

The yakitori selection (conveniently priced at a reasonable RM4.50 per skewer) covers the neck-to-tail essentials, from seseri, which packs the perfect balance between a meaty, flavourful chew and fatty richness, to the bonjiri, the poultry pinnacle of sheer succulence. Have them seasoned simply in salt; we had the heart and liver in tare sauce, which was too cloyingly sweet.

The karaage is as juicy as Japanese fried chicken should be, with a marinade that's more mellow than typical, so dunk it liberally in the accompanying mayo dip if your palate prefers it punchy.

A medley of chicken innards stewed in miso soup might be the fear-factor dish for some patrons, unabashed in its pungent gaminess (RM12). If you'd rather keep things separate, snack on the bouncy-tender gizzards in spicy pickled cabbage (RM9), medium-rare liver tossed with garlic (RM12), or boiled chicken skin in ponzu sauce (RM7).

Of course, the ramen's chicken-based too, with chunky thigh meat in super-rich broth laced noticeably with chicken fat (RM23).

Yakitori Ebisu

Lot CC-23A, Concourse Floor, Tropicana Gardens Mall, Persiaran Surian, Tropicana Indah, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

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