Urban Juicer takes Australian avocado smoothies to the next level

July 23, 2023

Take your smoothie experience to the next level!

Australian avocado lovers, find your new favourite smoothies at Urban Juicer, with uniquely creative flavours like Avocado Lotus Biscoff, Avocado Blueberry & Avocado Peach, plus Avocado Cempedak & Avocado Durian for fans of local fruits!

The bestselling smoothie is the classic Avocado Milk with Honey, made with fresh Australian avocados, raw honey from Malaysian farms & low-fat milk.

Until July 31, enjoy a special price for the newly launched Avocado Blueberry, Avocado Peach, Avocado Yogurt & Avocado Cempedak smoothies.

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