Tim Wendelboe, Supreme Roastworks & Fuglen @ Oslo

September 5, 2017

A coffee-centric trip to Oslo should likely cover this trifecta of cafes: Start with Tim Wendelboe, a cosy cafe & micro-roastery named for its founder, the 2004 World Barista Champion. Find a calm corner & savour your sips of the aeropress-brewed filter coffee, smooth, light & nuanced, sourced from farms across Kenya, Ethiopia, Honduras & more.

Supreme Roastworks is a busy, happy cafe in Oslo's north, with a co-founder who twice won the Norwegian National Brewers Cup Championship. It don't matter if you want your cuppa black or white - the coffee tastes second to none. Have it both ways!

Fuglen is one of Olso's best-known espresso brands, with a presence that extends beyond Norway's borders to Tokyo too. But this remains its birthplace & spiritual home, evolving from a coffee bar in the daytime to a liquor-loving joint at night that serves seasonal cocktails bolstered by Scandinavian ingredients like Telemark apple juice, local fennel, celery shrubs & lingonberries.