The Establishment @ Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

September 6, 2017

By EDKL Writer A. A.


Bustling from morning through midnight, The Establishment draws inspiration for its menu from Malaysia, Melbourne and beyond, welcoming patrons with a buzzy vibe and uplifting messages emblazoned across its walls.


Settle into your seats and start with a tipple or three. The Establishment (RM35) is the flagship cocktail, a delicately fruity blend of gin, Grand Marnier, sweet vermouth, lemon, dragon fruit and strawberries - it's the ideal relaxation drink, making us want to sip this on hammock by the beach, enjoying the sunset. It's no surprise that this cocktail bears The Establishment's name, especially with the amount of care poured into making it by resident bartender Loco.


We also enjoyed the glassful of rose, sweet vermouth and sliced fruits galore that makes up the Ms. Hilton Sangria (RM28). It might look splashy, but Ms. Hilton packs a pleasurable punch, both visually and flavour-wise. But if you prefer non-alcoholic beverages, The Establishment's juices are very popular - from apples and oranges to carrots, it's easy to see why, since these will effectively revitalise shoppers at Pavilion, particularly those seeking to escape the midday heat.

But of course, it's not all drinks at The Establishment - the kitchen aims to please too, with a respectable range of crowd-pleasing dishes that span both East and West.

We're happy to kick off with the Roesti (RM8), the beloved comfort-food recipe of grated potatoes shaped into a thin patty, crisp on the outside and tender within, served with your choice of chicken sausage (+RM12), beef bacon (+RM8), cheese (+RM6) or egg (+RM2). For another good brunch option, the Poached Egg (RM25) is an earthy ensemble of mushrooms, potatoes and caramelised onions, topped with a poke-worthy runny egg. Or, for wholesome eaters, the Establishment Salad (RM26) might be your favourite here, tossed with guilt-free ingredients like beetroot, cherry tomatoes, walnuts and mixed greens.


The Establishment is popular with groups congregating to graze. Snacks for sharing include the impeccably crunchy Soft Shell Crab (RM22), the thickly battered Mixed Mushrooms (RM17) and the can't-fail, crispy-juicy Boxing Chicken (RM18). For variety seekers, the Establishment Platter (RM38) features a feast of fries, wontons, spring rolls and the aforementioned boxing chicken.


Main meals beckon next. The selection is sweeping, offering something for everyone, from the slightly sweet, staunchly tender Honey Mustard Chicken (RM28), served with garlic herbed potatoes and fresh greens, to the Healthy Pan-Seared Salmon (RM38), a familiar favourite that comes with a well-prepared cushion of baby potatoes, baby carrots and broccoli for a very nutritionally balanced recipe. Customers craving hearty, substantial portions should be placated by the Slow-Cooked Lamb Stew (RM40), a cocotte brimming with chunky lamb casserole, partnered with a pair of garlic baguette slices; the Beer Battered Fish and Chips (RM26), with an unmistakably crisp batter, complemented by fries and garlic mayo; and the Filet Mignon (RM78), the coveted cut for steak enthusiasts, buoyed by a smartly selected side of Brussels sprouts, ultimately made decadent with Cafe de Paris butter sauce.


Of course, a place like this offers pasta possibilities too - the Homemade Basil Pesto (RM26) is nicely al dente, fully flavour-packed and slicked up with black olives, arugula, and cherry tomatoes. You can travel from Italy to Indonesia in a single meal, by also ordering the Indonesian Coconut Curry Prawn (RM31), with aromatic curried prawns sumptuously served inside the coconut. Another Southeast Asian option to spoon out with rice is the Curry Chicken (RM23), which channels the tasty simplicity of a home-cooked meal. Our thanks to The Establishment for having us here.

For its Grand Opening this month, The Establishment has two good deals available for customers - a 30 percent discount off its filet mignon & a buy one, free one bargain for the honey mustard chicken.


The Establishment
Daily, 8.30am – 12.00am | Tel: 019-329-8698
3.08.02 & C3.08.02, Level 3 (Connection Street Level), Pavilion Shopping Mall, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur