Take-Away, Wisma Cosway

December 4, 2020

Rice balls or rice bowls? Whether for dine-in or takeout, Take-Away’s starchy specialities of onigiri and donburi make for a fast, fuss-free and filling lunch.

The secret to the quality of Take-Away’s food is hidden in its multi-layered name - chef Tatsuo ‘Take’ Takebayashi, who runs the restaurant Kappo Takebayashi, is the man behind the making of the onigiri.  

The onigiri comes in seven distinct varieties - stuffed with roe for the mentaiko or tobiko, with fish for the salmon flakes, tuna mayo or saba teriyaki, meat for the chicken yakitori or purely vegetarian for the edamame (RM6 each).

The rice balls are plump, with grains deftly balanced between firm and sticky, reasonably filled for their price. Our favourite? Probably tobiko, with the edamame coming a close second and the mentaiko third. The one we'd skip? Definitely the tuna.

The donburi selection is less diverse, with choices of unagi with fluffy egg (RM28 with a beverage), sliced sukiyaki beef, or minced chicken with egg. Reheated to order, the unagi is sufficiently satisfactory to combat eel cravings.


Lot 1-85, First Floor, Wisma Cosway, Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur. Open Tuesday-Friday, 11am-3pm.

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