Susanoo, OUG

November 23, 2020

Fans of Japanese manga might enjoy the nods to Naruto at OUG's new izakaya that specialises in yakitori, slightly hidden on the first floor of a shop-lot - look for the side-alley entrance illustrated with the humanoid avatar for which Susanoo is named.

Susanoo's setting is suitably gritty and grungy, a veritable hole in the wall, with intriguing touches in its decor and design. Its team is warm and welcoming, eager to ensure an enjoyable experience.

The kitchen could benefit from more experience to bring out the best in its skewers. For now, much of the meat tastes a bit more burnt than smoky and sultry, in cuts that seem too slenderly portioned for full-bodied munching, from the shio-seasoned neck, hip and skin to the tare-slicked liver (RM5 each).

The most interesting choice is the rarely seen kanmuri, the rooster's comb (RM10) - sadly, something may have gone awry in its cleaning or preparation, as it bordered on foul fowl. The safer selection could actually be the vegetables, from the eggplant (RM5) to the syrup-sweet Japanese corn (RM8; a limited-quantity seasonal item).

Suntory highballs keep the spirits high (RM25).


2A, Jalan Hujan Rahmat 3, Overseas Union Garden, Kuala Lumpur. Open 6pm-10pm; closed Thursdays. 

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