Something, SS15 Subang

October 7, 2020

Something, somewhere in Subang: The SS15 neighbourhood's newest Korean restaurant and bar promises a modern-minded hangout for Seoul-inspired soul food and spirited beverages, run by an entirely Korean team. If you're craving everything from tteokbokki to tangsuyuk, Something is someplace to savour.

October Update: Something SS15 is also available for deliveries. Contact through WhatsApp - Mo at 0102700972

You'll easily spot the sign for Something outside as you drive or walk by Menara Rajawali, but once you're inside the building, hunting for the venue becomes a playful adventure. Hint: One of the gleaming green bottles harbours the entrance.

Something is spacious, with a nifty first-floor view of Subang's streets. The friendly Korean team (mostly in their twenties) strives to make everyone feel welcome - Something's main founder, Mo, has lived in Malaysia for 18 years, and she has named her first restaurant after the Korean phrase 'sseom-ta-da,' translated as 'something going along,' the stage in a relationship between casual dating and a serious romance. Mo hopes patrons can forge closer friendships here, mingling over meals and enjoying the available arcade and card games.

With a veteran chef who has years of professional experience, relying on sauces and seasonings flown in from South Korea, Something's kitchen is confident and capable.

Pork is a pleasure here - try the pork chop (RM28; crispy deep-fried meat tossed with bell peppers, onions and sesame seeds in a house-made sweet-and-sour sauce) and the pork belly (RM28; tenderly sliced and served sizzling, savoury and succulent). The food is built for sharing, with lots to go around.

Prefer poultry? Korean cooking doesn't disappoint for fowl - we can't stop munching on the Cheese Buldak (RM27; juicy barbecued chicken, bite-sized and blanketed with cheese and veggies in spicy, chilli-spiked sauce), the Dak Gangjeong (RM28; deep-fried chicken in rice batter with a tangy, lively and sticky glaze), the Carbonara Chicken (RM34; a hot-plate contemporary fusion creation that brings together fried chicken with the familiar creamy sauce) and Something’s reinterpretation of mokhwa tangsuyuk, with crunchy chicken puffs paired intriguingly with a beetroot dip (RM29). 

If you're here with a few companions, the heartiest order is South Korea's famous Budae-jjigae, also known as Army Stew (RM52, a full dinner for two to three persons). This warming pot packs plenty of substance, with noodles surrounded by spam, sausages, leeks, tofu, kimchi and more - the ideal communal feast, it's no wonder this seemingly simple but supremely satisfying stew has remained perennially popular in Korea for decades. Every dish on Something’s stew menu is suitable for two to three persons.

It's easy to imagine spending the evening at Something, snacking long into the night on Tteokbokki (RM35; rice cakes and fish cakes in lusciously milky sauce), cheese sticks (RM20; Something's own-made mozzarella sticks, sprinkled with cheese powder for cheesiness both in and out, partnered with a sauce of chilli with honey mustard) and a bowl of crunchy popcorn with airy Korean snacks (RM5).

With all that food, it's clear that drinks galore will be needed. Thankfully, Something boasts a complete bar with distinctive Korean-inspired concoctions.

The signature selection is Something’s own-blended flavoured soju, not often seen in most Korean restaurants in Malaysia. These are the perfect blend of Korea’s beloved distilled beverage with fruit and yogurt flavours, potent and refreshing.

These jugs will keep the energy up (RM30 each), in varieties like orange, strawberry, yogurt, mango and lime, mellowing out the sharpness of soju with a mainly fruity sweetness.

The Somac Tower (RM95) is even more monumental, the equivalent of four beers mixed with soju in your choice of flavour (select from blueberry, pineapple, peach, citrus or pomegranate).

Something also comprises two private rooms and five Korean karaoke-equipped rooms, perfect for an intimate visit with your closest clique.

Many thanks to Something for having us here.

Something SS15

A-2-2 and A-2-3 Menara Rajawali, Jalan SS15/8, 47500 Selangor, Subang Jaya, 

Daily, 4pm-2am. Contact: +6010-2700972 (Mo) or [email protected]

Facebook: facebook.com/Something-SS15-119212536536488

Instagram: instagram.com/somethingss15

October Update: Something SS15 is also available for deliveries. Contact through WhatsApp - Mo at 0102700972

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