Sakana Japanese Dining, Suria KLCC

November 30, 2020

Sakana serves elegant interpretations of its namesake, Japan's equivalent of tapas, snacks customarily coupled with liquor.

Dishes here showcase both style and substance - the K.L.C.C. is a playful nod to Sakana's home, featuring Kampachi, Leek, Coriander and Calamansi, a crudo-style serving of amberjack sashimi with lovely layers of flavour and texture, rich in umami and zest, a tangle of the luscious and the crisp (RM36).

The food might look unassuming, but the produce is impeccable and the execution is excellent. Try the turnip tempura (RM10), crunchy-juicy and almost raw-tasting, sheathed in miraculously paper-thin batter crafted with Japanese flour - a beautiful match of kabu with finely grated daikon and the lightest tentsuyu.

Also order the chicken liver yakitori; Sakana's service crew will ask how you'd like it done, with rare to medium-rare as the full-blooded, potently tasty ideal (RM12 for two skewers). Other enjoyable nibbles include perfectly boiled edamame dressed with Okinawan sea salt (RM10) and can't-fail sushi rolls of salmon, ikura, avocado and quinoa (RM28).

Traditional sakana is paired with sake, but Sakana's wider selection spans lemon sour cocktails to Japanese craft gin-&-tonic.

Sakana Japanese Dining

G11, Ground Floor, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 03-2181-0211

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