Rod Dee Ded, Damansara Uptown

July 5, 2019

Bringing together Bangkok and beef, Rod Dee Ded rolls out a distinctive way of relishing your rib eye, showcasing premium cuts of Australian wagyu meat splashed with Thai-spiced broth in a serving style nicknamed 'shower beef.' Hoof on over here for Thai beef hotpots, beef curries and beef noodles that hit the bull's eye (plus some chicken variations too for fans of fowl).

If the name Rod Dee Ded (another Thai way of saying 'delicious') sounds familiar, you might have heard of the brand's family of restaurants in Bangkok, with a lineage that stretches back more than five decades to 1965. 

This outpost in Damansara Uptown is not only the first in Malaysia but the first outside Thailand, brought here by two friends, Cheryl and Nicole, who love beef and believe its full potential remains untapped for Thai fare in Malaysia.

Rod Dee Ded in Damansara Uptown strives for as much authenticity as possible - its cooks were trained by one of the brand's Thai show-runners, with many spice mixes and other key ingredients also hailing from the Land of Smiles.

The beef, nonetheless, is steadfastly Australian, relying on regular cuts for the curries, claypots and stir-fries to more top-tier wagyu choices for the Shower Beef, ranging from Premium (marble score 4-5) to Prime (marble score 6-7).

The Shower Beef is playful bovine pleasure, with a bit of thoughtful technique to keep the experience engaging. Place some beef into your bowl, then gently pour the steaming-hot broth into the bowl at a tilted angle, away from the meat at first, before slowly blending and pouring it over the beef until you reach your preferred doneness of cooking (medium-rare, or even rare, would be ideal).

You have three main choices of cuts - the striploin is pure protein that's lean and tender, while the richest, juiciest and most flavour-packed is the rib eye, with the oyster blade coming somewhere right in the middle. Prices are reasonable for these grades of Australian wagyu, costing between RM31.80-RM48.80 for 100 grams or RM59.80-RM88.80 for 200 grams of the Premium cuts and between RM48.80-RM78.80 for 100 grams or RM88.80-RM138.80 for 200 grams of the Prime cuts.

As can be expected, the Prime cuts are luscious, full-bodied in both taste and texture, blanketing the palate with primal fleshiness. The broth is a lip-smacking match for the beef, constructed with brisket and bones, boiled for 12 hours to ensure that every drop yields a delicious, tongue-tingling depth.

The wagyu beef, secured from halal suppliers, can also be ordered in Hot Pot sets - the sterling introduction is a Prime Set for two to three persons (RM188.80), showcasing a total of 300 grams of beef (100 grams each of the rib eye, striploin and oyster blade), plus two leafy-fresh vegetables of the day (with possibilities spanning spinach to siew pak choy and much more), three bean curd rolls and a platter of mixed mushrooms, plus broths in both the original recipe and a spicier but equally slurp-worthy rendition, which is actually a Thai Boat Noodles broth recipe.

For the heartiest of eaters, add on more beef to the mix - stewed regular Aussie brisket (RM15.80) and tendon (RM15.80) can make this a meal to savour till the cows come home, complemented with true-blue Thai condiments like green chilli sauce and fish sauce to dial up the flavours even further.

All in all, both the Shower Beef and the Beef Hot Pot make for fun communal lunches or dinners, perfect for gatherings of friends and families with plenty of action going on throughout the table.

If you find Thai claypots and curries irresistible, you're in luck at Rod Dee Ded - the kitchen is versatile enough to conjure ready-to-eat meals served with rice, like stewed brisket (RM25.80; lovely in its layered glory), green chicken curry (RM18) or stewed beef red curry (RM25.80), all brimming with caveman-worthy carnivorousness, robustly aromatic in the unmistakably Thai fashion.

Big bowls of Thai beef noodles are also available, in a diversity of customisable interpretations: Pick a noodle (rice vermicelli, Thai kuay tiew and egg noodles are a few of the options), then select from the repertoire of toppings, comprising combinations of beef slices, brisket, tendon and meatballs (RM15.80-RM26.80). Worthwhile for beef noodle worshippers who passionately pursue every type of soulful, soothing Asian beef noodles. The photo above shows the noodles together with the beef, but they're typically served separately.

Ultimately, there's something for everyone at Rod Dee Ded, whether you're here for a huge, leisurely feast or fuss-free, no-nonsense sustenance in the form of cherished Thai classics like chicken pad kee mao (RM16.80; stir-fried rice noodles with chicken, chilli sauce, egg, basil and bell peppers) and chicken pad ka pow (RM13.80; steamed rice with stir-fried chicken and Thai basil), the sort of specialities that speak temptingly of Bangkok's street fare. Even a seemingly simple snack like chicken wings is addictive, crisp to the bite and succulent to the chew (RM9.80), washed down with Thai iced tea and coffee (RM6.80 each).

As Rod Dee Ded Malaysia continues to evolve, many interesting new offerings have been launched, from coconut ice cream to ice-blended beverages, made with 100 percent real fruits, no colouring and no artificial flavourings.

Many thanks to the Rod Dee Ded team for having us here.

Rod Dee Ded

15 G, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 

Daily, 11am-3pm, 6pm-10pm. Tel: 013-531-3113

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