Planter Chin x TamanHati, Bangsar

August 28, 2020

Coffee, cacti and cats: KL's greenest indoor destination for a flat white and ficus-shopping is home to a sleek espresso machine, soothing plants from Peru and all across the globe, and stealthy rescue felines named after pop and rap stars.

All of them share this hidden first-floor space in Bangsar with colonial inspirations that include British-era broad-brimmed hats, rattan furniture, and vintage knickknacks from family collections.

The potted paradise of Planter Chin brings together coffee wizard Jeremy Chin's Outcast Coffee mobile caffeine service and garden fairy Jan Zainal's TamanHati purveyor of plants. It's currently still a work in progress, with clutter and crypthanthus in equal measures, but Planter Chin has barely blossomed - when it sprouts further in the months to come, expect this evolving space to harbour many more surprises.

If you've followed Outcast Coffee in its various pop-ups and venues over the years, you know its baristas nail their shots. Planter Chin is by far our favourite location for this service so far, a leafy oasis that might eventually turn into a full-grown tropical jungle, with plenty of playful sections to explore while sipping your latte and savouring the afternoon sunshine that streams through the windows. The founders have prepared the seeds for the beverage selection to expand soon and for some refurbishment to let in even more light, so Planter Chin is a place to keep watching.

Planter Chin is a natural habitat for Jeremy and Jan, since both are passionate about plants. Jan ran TamanHati elsewhere in Bangsar in recent years before embarking on this collaboration with Jeremy. She sees this as a place to find yourself in tune with nature and to learn more about plants, with terrarium workshops and other regular flora-focused activities.

For those of us who can barely tell our begonia from our bromeliad, Planter Chin offers a peek into a lush world. Most of the plants here are for sale, covering every need - from a RM10 peperomia argyreia to a nearly RM4,000 slow-growing Monstera Albo, from popular, lower-maintenance arrowhead plants to Jan's personal favourite, the old-school Episcia  with faded colours that reminds her nostalgically of childhood memories.

Jeremy and Jan might have created this sanctuary, but the true masters of the domain are SE7EN, Biggie and Jenny, three rescue cats who slink mischievously through the pots and people. Come for the piccolo and peperomia, stay for the purrs.

Planter Chin

6a, Jalan Kemuja, Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur.  Currently open Tuesday-Sunday, 10am-5pm.

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