Nest: Workplace & Restaurant, The Curve

March 1, 2019

Lunchtime is looming; your morning meeting has ended in a private room with your colleagues. Everyone splits to eat - some take refuge in beanbags and sofas, others nip out for a bite at the cheerful restaurant next door, while you choose to catch up on emails at your communal work table and order a meal straight from your desk to enjoy there.

That might be the typical midday at Work@Nest, the Klang Valley's newest co-working space that's home to many firsts, combined with the perks of a restaurant, called Eat@Nest, right beside it. Bringing together digital nomads and delicious dining, this is a prime venue conveniently located in a mall, on The Street in The Curve, easily accessible from much of Petaling Jaya.

Nest's workplace is brightened by splashes of orange punctuating the neutral hues, providing a light nudge of stimuli while keeping the space centred and focused. A mezzanine offers a calm retreat, overlooking the main floor, while private office suites are also available, fuss-free and minimalist.

If you only need to spend a short time here, try the daily pass for RM30, with a complimentary RM10 worth of credit that you can spend on food. If you need a month, a hot desk pass clocks in at RM300 a month, packaged with RM100 worth of credit for food. If you prefer your own selected fixed desk, that's RM600 a month, which entitles you to RM200 of complimentary food credit. Private suites go for RM1200 per month, with a whopping RM300 food credit.

While other co-working spaces might close early in the evening, Nest is open from 10am to 10pm all year round, in line with the mall's business hours. Being here means being close to all your shopping essentials too, from groceries to tech purchases. Parking is up to a reasonable RM7 on weekdays.

Other amenities such as meeting rooms and an event space can be rented on hourly rates; you can even stage events for the general public here. For the full price list and more information, click here. Nest's work space is spacious enough to accommodate about 120 users at any given time, spread out over more than 6,000 square feet; another Nest outpost is scheduled to open soon at MyTOWN Shopping Centre in Cheras.

Naturally, we had to also check out Eat@Nest next door, facing The Curve's central path, complete with an alfresco dining area by the fountains. Note that if you're at Work@Nest, there's even a self-ordering system that operates from the co-working space, so you won't even need to leave your desk to select, purchase and receive your food.

Five F&B brands currently call Nest their home, with an open kitchen that keeps the vibe energetic, from poke bowl maestros Tail & Fin to pizza purveyor Pizzazone and Southeast Asian specialist Gajah for food, plus Quick Fix Coffee Bar for non-alcoholic beverages and Quickie Bar for something stronger. You could eat at Nest all week long and still relish a different cuisine each day, perfect if you're with colleagues who crave a diverse range of cooking.

The selection is extensive, serving up something for everyone. For a sampling of popular crowd-pleasers, we were delighted to dig into the poke-bowl offerings of Tail & Fin, with a menu curated by one of Nobu's former executive chefs, Karu Wedhas. These are available with rice in a regular bowl, as a salad, as a burrito, or (most strikingly) with rice in a pineapple bowl.

The Omega is the top temptation for tuna devotees, pictured here in a pineapple bowl, piled not only with tuna but surimi crab sticks, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, honey sesame aioli and more (RM18.90). If your preferred fish is salmon, It's Stupid Good lives up to its name, with the unmistakably Japanese nuances of yuzu miso and umami sweet soy coating the salmon as well as surimi crab sticks, lettuce, Japanese cucumber, red onions and tempura flakes (RM22.90). 

Both of these make for a wholesomely balanced workday lunch, filling and nourishing enough to keep you going without leaving you in a food coma.

If pizzas are your pleasure, Pizzazone might make Mondays feel like Fridays, putting playful Asian twists to these fresh-from-the-oven Italian staples. Spice up your pizza (and your workday) with the Green Curry Pizza, its chilli-fuelled heat tempered by the creaminess of thick mozzarella cheese (8-inch for RM13.90, 12-inch for RM22.90). 

For something that injects a Malaysian panache into pizza, slice open the Chicken Satay Calzone, a folded pizza that's richly stuffed with lemongrass-laced chicken thigh meat in peanut sauce - at RM11.50, it's a meal that shouldn't break your weekday-lunch budget.

Finally, there's Gajah, promising well-executed regional fare that's homey at heart - the Butter Chicken Spicy Fried Rice is a lovely ensemble where every element pulls its weight for both taste and texture: the butter chicken is savoury and tender, the papaya salad lends an uplifting tang, the tofu and egg deliver extra dynamics and dimension, all rounded out with fried rice that's addictively aromatic (also competitively priced at RM10.50).

We washed down our late lunch with Quick Fix Coffee Bar's Caramel Slush, a duet of caramel and coffee for our cappuccino-style caffeine fix (RM13.50), and the Berry Berry, a smoothie sensation of strawberries and blackberries with yogurt and milk (RM12.50). Alternatively, customers can also order from the Quickie Bar, which stocks draft beer, bottled beer, single malts, vodka, rum, gin, tequila, wine and cocktails, making it a cool pit stop even if you don't need an office space.

Many thanks to the Nest team for having us here.


G72, G73, G74 & 152, The Street @ The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Daily, 10am-10pm. Tel: 011-1695-1974

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