Monsieur Darren, Bukit Kiara

December 3, 2023




With a dramatic new backdrop lined with magnificent moss wallscapes, Monsieur Darren offers an afternoon of Parisian-inspired enchantment in Bukit Kiara.

Pastry chef Hazel Chan and her team showcase virtuoso skills in viennoiseries and petits gateaux, vividly synthesising prime ingredients with a clear-eyed sense of buoyant balance. 

Order the Ouef cake, evoking a tart of bright tartness. Sea buckthorn jelly is the radiant 'yolk' encircled by whipped mascarpone, harbouring a tangy curd of bergamot on a crumbly sugar dough crust, decadent with delicious dimensions, singing with nuanced notes of zing and zest.

Popcorn Delice is a young-at-heart treat, its crunch of popcorn and Dulcey-dipped chocolate concealing a voluptuous core of macadamia vanilla cremeux and popcorn mousse, an ode to Cinema Paradiso in this patissier's paradise.

Even a basic butter croissant is a beauty, belying its modest price of RM8, gorgeously golden-brown, a triumph of time, technique and temperature in baking, with a bite that crackles and a chew of fluffy-rich flakiness. 

Monsieur Darren shares its space with the latest branch of Bref restaurant in the annexe of M Resort & Hotel.

Monsieur Darren

M Resort & Hotel, Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.

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