KL Scenarium, The Enclave Bangsar

July 21, 2020

If you've ever encountered an 18-foot black truck named Britney that seemed to pour out endless sidecars, salty dogs and sangrias, you probably had a very good time at a wedding or some other celebration, courtesy of mobile cocktail bar-for-hire KL Scenarium. This year's woes have forced KLS off the road, but it's even more accessible than ever, with a new base where cocktail-craving customers can find mixologist Pidot every evening in collaboration with The Enclave Gastrobar in Bangsar.

What makes this incarnation of KL Scenarium impressive is its range of a dozen-plus original cocktails, from a gin-and-tonic spiced with saffron to a Cointreau creation enhanced with white truffle oil, pan-seared green jackfruit, Japanese green tea and smoked sea salt flakes, plus other concoctions with alluring Asian aromatics.

Try these three: First, Enclave Park, a cocktail that's like a reviving walk in a meadow, made to fete KL Scenarium's tie-up with The Enclave Gastrobar, a neighbourhood pub on a calm, leafy street - the Botanist Islay dry gin, shaken with egg white, yields lovely layers of flavour in each sip, with the reviving tang of house-made asam boi liqueur and powder at the start, opening up to celery bitters in the middle, then herbaceous basil fleetingly in the end (RM38).

For a cocktail that tastes simultaneously novel and nostalgic, the Hot Lit Saloma creamily blends Sailor Jerry rum, Aperol and pineapple with those familiar staples of a Malaysian kitchen - bunga kantan, daun kesom and daun limau purut - for a soothing, spirited pleasure that might remind you why you first fell in love with cocktails (RM35).

Teh'O Smoked Bowl promises a sultrily smoky take on teh o' ais bungkus, a cross between top-notch Earl Grey, subtly smoked, with a Long Island iced tea, elevated with Plantation Original Dark rum, woven together with passion fruit liqueur, cilantro and calamansi for yet another beautifully balanced KL Scenarium crowd-rouser (RM38).

KL Scenarium also offers gin-and-tonics customisable with your choice of tonic, as well as several lower-priced cocktails for a more affordable escapade. Many thanks to KL Scenarium for this enjoyable nightcap.

KL Scenarium

The Enclave Gastrobar, 1, Lorong Kurau, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur. Daily, 4pm-12am. Tel: 011-31262643

IG: https://www.instagram.com/klscenarium/

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