Hofu Japanese Snacks

December 28, 2017

Move over, ngaku chips; step aside, bakkwa: Our favourite household treat for the festive weeks ahead is Hofu, a new range of Japanese-inspired crunchy gourmet snacks that families and friends will find enjoyably addictive. Potato chips, crispy fish skin and tortilla chips in fun, crowd-rousing flavours; it's best to stock up on tubs on Hofu, since they'll prove irresistible to everyone.

Hofu means abundance, and there's literally no lack of choices for customers: The potato chips are meticulously made with hand-cut, natural skin-on U.S. russet potatoes, double-fried to a deliciously brittle bite, currently offered in six flavours, with more in the works. 

Salted Egg is the surefire hit, sweet and savoury, rounded out with clear notes of curry leaves. Bonito Seaweed or Katsu Curry work well in representing uniquely Japanese nuances, while Spicy Korean brings on the fieriness of red chilli flakes. 

With no preservatives added, these chips turn out to be versatile enough to tackle flavours as distinctively different as Truffle (aromatic with many splashes of truffle oil in each serving) and Nasi Lemak (fragrant with hints of coconut milk and sambal).

If you prefer a weightier crunch with a briny base profile, Hofu also offers deep-sea fish skin, dried and fried with vegetable oil, in the same selection of flavours as the potato chips (except for Truffle).

What we love about these varieties is that none of them is gimmicky - the seasonings have been carefully calibrated to harmonise with both the potato chips and fish skin; Hofu's founders even taste-test each batch to ensure constant consistency, in line with the Japanese devotion and dedication to quality ingredients and top-drawer techniques.

The flavours are diversely wide-ranging enough that every individual will have their personal No. 1 pick. For some, the instantly familiar kick of Salted Egg will keep them munching, while others might prize the oceanic subtleties of Bonito Seaweed, the earthy elegance of Truffle, the tongue-scorching burn of Spicy Korean or the nifty novelty of Nasi Lemak.

Even the vacuum-sealed packaging, comprising 160 grams of crisps each, with prices mostly starting from RM28, is nicely executed - great for gifting.

Hofu also recently introduced tortilla chips to its range, starting out with a Salted Egg flavour. It's terrific - easily some of the tastiest corn tortillas on the shelves; we'd love to see some cheese chips next. 

You can find these and other Hofu products at selected stores, but the most convenient way to get your hands on them are by ordering them directly from Hofu, with courier deliveries available throughout Malaysia or by pick-up at Hofu's headquarters in Kota Damansara. Check out facebook.com/hofujapanesesnacks for ordering instructions and other details.

Many thanks to Hofu for this hugely pleasurable indulgence.

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