Heima Dairy Deli & Bakeshop, Sentul

March 15, 2021

Serving thick, creamy skyr made with Icelandic cultures and milk from a family-run farm in Pahang, Heima - the Icelandic word for 'home' - is a distinctive 'dairy deli' that doubles as a beautiful bakeshop, helmed with heart and happy vibes.

Heima is the cafe offshoot of Raub's Nomad Farm, devoted to raising healthy cows through time-honoured agricultural practices.

Nomad Farm's milk forms the foundation for Heima's skyr - Iceland's high-protein, low-fat equivalent of Greek yogurt, made with skimmed milk fermented with original Icelandic cultures. You'll find it nearly everywhere in Reykjavik, layered over cakes in cafes and served as an accompaniment to local produce in fine-dining restaurants.

Heima's skyr is gorgeous - densely, indecently luscious in texture, mellow and milky-rich in taste. At RM8 for a 150-gram jar, it's an affordably worthwhile indulgence. You can also order skyr bowls in generous portions, at RM15 for the irresistibly delectable Apple Pie flavour that's blanketed with sweetly ripe fruit and crisp cereal.

Got milk? If you're a dedicated disciple of dairy delights, make a moo-ve to Heima for its milk, offered fresh in 500-ml bottles (RM4) or raw and unpasteurised in glasses (RM6), spotlighting the purity of farm-to-table milk.

The skyr and milk are also part of Heima's other pleasures. You'll find the skyr whisked into the lemon loaf (RM9) and the fresh milk in the flat whites and lattes.

Speaking of caffeine, Heima currently also hosts Liten Coffee, a passionate Malaysian home roaster with a delicately aromatic medium-roast blend. 

Heima Dairy Deli & Bakeshop

2A, Jalan Sinar Sentul 1, Sentul, 51100 Kuala Lumpur. Open Wednesday-Monday, 12pm-6pm. Tel: 03-4050-5096

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