Hari Hari Dough: Weekend Doughnut Deliveries

August 7, 2021

Full-time day jobs won’t stop Hari Hari Dough's founders from baking distinctive doughnuts every weekend. Hari Hari Dough's Chubby BBs offer a creative spin on classic yeast-raised glazed doughnuts, airy-light and fluffy with fun flavours.

Hari Hari Dough now features four varieties of doughnuts, with a minimum of four doughnuts per order. 

Sugar & Spice (RM3.50) is everything nice indeed, sprinkled liberally with cinnamon and sugar, fragrant and sweet. 

Pancakes (RM3.50) playfully channels the charm of a flapjack breakfast, layered with a vanilla sugar glaze and maple syrup, rich-textured but pleasantly mellow-tasting.

Honey bees will flutter over Stingless x Salty (RM3.50), blanketed with Kelantan-sourced Trigona honey and sea salt flakes, a sweet-savoury combo that feels decadently contemporary. 

PB + J (RM5.50) is a sure crowd-pleaser, striped with local peanut butter and homemade strawberry jam, as delicious on a doughnut as it would be in a sandwich.

Hari Hari Dough

Order online via Hari Hari Dough's Cococart store: hari-hari-dough.cococart.co

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