Fresh Bulk: Wholesome vegan-friendly snacks online

August 15, 2021

Promising wholesome, vegan-friendly snacks, sent for delivery within a day after ordering, Fresh Bulk is brimming with a bounty of natural nourishment, crushing hunger pangs without compromising on health.

Fresh Bulk is a speciality store launched in 2016 by founders Celine and Nick to help consumers pursue a better, balanced diet at a reasonable cost. Over the years, they've amassed plenty of experience in choosing the best grains, fruits, jams and more - everything you need for a healthy household supply!

From nuts to trail mixes, dried fruits to cookies and spreads, these tasty treats are free of artificial colourings and preservatives but full of quality nutrition, conveniently and reliably available online. Shop here: https://bit.ly/3CED3tZ

If you're nuts for cashews, pecans, peanuts, pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts and macadamias, Fresh Bulk carries all the crunch you crave. 

A bag of Roasted Cashew Nuts packs a pleasurable punch, completely non-GMO and lightly salted so that we can relish the genuine flavour of cashews. Rich in protein and heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, it's the perfect temptation to savour while watching TV with the family.

If you enjoy a variety of tastes and textures in each mouthful, the Walnut Genius Trail Mix is a stellar sampler, a grab-and-go medley of raw walnuts with roasted edamame, roasted almonds, goji berries and carefully selected U.S. raisins. 

This abundance of superfoods is easy to eat by the handful to fuel you with fast energy anywhere, anytime. You'll also find many other munch-worthy mixes like Almond Berries Granola, the Omega 3 Nut Trail Mix and Mighty Seeds Trail Mix.

You can score a full-fledged harvest of dried fruits at Fresh Bulk, including dehydrated peaches, pineapples, kiwi, longan, strawberries and jackfruit.

The Dried Mangoes are sourced from orchards in Thailand, rich and ripe but kept low in sugar, ideal for a guilt-free dessert, bursting with Vitamin A.

Like many of Fresh Bulk's offerings, these are assembled in resealable packaging.

We love nibbling on the Freeze Dried Yogurt Cubes, a simple substitute for fresh fruits - these crisp cubes comprise yogurt blended with blueberries, mangoes, peaches and strawberries, fragrant with a fruity liveliness, packed with Vitamins A, C and E, with no added flavourings.

Unlike yogurt, this lightweight, long-lasting snack won't require refrigeration, so you can take it to the office or school, having it straight from the bag.

Baked fare is another Fresh Bulk highlight, spanning almond oat cookies, butter chocolate peanut cookies, sunflower seed cookies, pineapple biscuits and more. 

We recommend Fresh Bulk’s Coconut Cookies, with fresh desiccated coconut among its natural, honest ingredients. Each crumbly cookie is chock-full of coconut flavour, transforming a tropical beach fruit into a household snack.

If you're seeking nut spreads to stock up your pantry, Fresh Bulk is a one-stop solution, showcasing almond chia butter, hazelnut butter, cashew butter and more. 

The Classic Natural Peanut Butter is a crowd-pleaser that the entire family will enjoy, smooth and creamy, a sugar-free and earthy alternative to commercial, mass-made peanut butter. It's versatile enough that you can spread it on sourdough, use it as a dressing, add it into smoothies, or even slather it on veggie burgers.

Check out Fresh Bulk's website more, including snack subscriptions and other promotions.

Fresh Bulk 

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