Focus Foods: Plant-based liquid meals for fast, fulfilling nourishment

July 2, 2021

Superfood sustenance, ready to go: Focus Foods offers simplified solutions for healthy eating habits, whenever, wherever, as an instant snack, balanced beverage or full meal.

Whether you're seeking liquid meal replacements, a daily intake of vegetables in the fastest form, or kombucha for a reviving drink, Focus Foods' powder packs promise complete convenience at a reasonable price, for mixing with water or a beverage of your choice. 

This month, July 2021, marks Focus Foods’ second anniversary - follow Focus Foods at instagram.com/focusfoods.co for giveaways and celebratory promotions.

Focus Foods' Complete Meal is the bestseller, with over 10,000 servings snapped up in less than a year - a liquid meal replacement that can be prepared in under two minutes. Tear open the sachet, mix with at least 500ml of water (or milk or another liquid of choice), shake it, and voila - drink up! 

The Complete Meal helps to replace breakfast, lunch or dinner, especially on days when you're too busy for a 15-minute meal. It'll supply energy while keeping you feeling content and satiated for hours. Perfect too for quick nutrition after a workout. 

The original Complete Meal is like liquid oatmeal, pleasantly pure. Other flavours include stevia-sweetened chocolate, with natural cocoa notes for customers who relish the taste of chocolate milk, and chocolate mint, with a refreshing minty uplift. The boba is the most unique choice, capturing the gentle sweetness of tapioca pearls in milk tea, but without boba at all.

The Complete Meal is vegan-friendly, featuring no meat or dairy. Its ingredients include pea protein, oats, a generous multigrain mix, healthy fat such as MCT oil and flaxseed oil, wheat germ, barley grass and prebiotics. In a single nutrient-dense serving, you'll be sipping on protein, dietary fibre, 23 types of grains from different sources, spanning organic millet to buckwheat, and antioxidants. 

Its wide-ranging potential benefits include bolstering the metabolism, keeping the digestive tract healthy, lowering cholesterol and reducing lactic acid build-up.

A Complete Meal starts at RM9.90 per sachet, but you can enjoy 11 sachets for RM89.90 (down from RM108.90) and 28 sachets for RM249 (down from RM277). You'll get an additional 10% discount if you subscribe to have it delivered to you, set at deliveries every 7, 14, 30, 60 or 90 days. 

Additional flavours like Apple Cinnamon come in Flavour Packs to add to the unflavoured Complete Meal for RM15.90, suitable for 20 servings.

Trying to infuse more vegetable goodness into your everyday diet? 

Focus Foods’ Daily Greens 2.0 gives you your quota of gorgeous greens in one go - its first iteration comprised wheat grass, barley grass, spirulina, alfalfa, kale and chlorella, while the latest version adds moringa leaves and pegaga in powdered form. 

Drinking this is surprisingly delicious, reminiscent of unadulterated lei cha - it feels and tastes deeply fresh and green, as its name promises. The health benefits all remain intact too, from helping to boost immunity to improving blood sugar levels, alleviating inflammation to promoting skin and bone health.

Daily Greens 2.0 comes in 30 daily servings for RM99.90, equivalent to just about RM3.33 per serving. Subscribers can enjoy 10% off, curbing the cost to RM89.91.

If you love the fermented tang of kombucha, Focus Foods' Instant Kombucha is something to take with you everywhere - tear open the sachet, mix it with water or juice, and you'll have kombucha in a jiffy, as potently pleasurable as a home-brewed bottle.

The black tea leaves in this zero-alcohol kombucha hail from a sustainable highland tea farm on Taiwan's Alishan Range. The kombucha powder is jazzed up with apple cider vinegar, with all its nutrients encapsulated until dissolved in water. At only 15kcal per serving, it’s rich in polyphenols and flavonoids, helpful for anti-oxidation and anti-inflammation, ideal for detox periods.

Focus Foods' kombucha will cost you less than one-fifth of a typical bottle of commercial kombucha. The Instant Kombucha is RM69 for 30 servings, working out to about RM2.30 a serving. If you subscribe to the Instant Kombucha, you'll get it at RM62.10, for a 10% discount.

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