June 9, 2021

Have a pita party: Say hi to ELLO, delivering puffy, fluffy pocketfuls of sunshine, transforming salads, sandwiches and even burgers into wholesome pita pockets, plump and perfect.

Malaysia might feel like a million miles from Marrakesh now, but The Moroccan brings a bit of the Red City to KL, loaded with juicy, mellowly spiced lamb meatballs, their unmistakable gaminess buoyed by mint raita, onions, diced cucumber and chopped parsley, for a satisfyingly omnivorous meal (RM18).

ELLO is barely a week old, but its offerings are confidently executed, precisely proportioned with quality ingredients - no skimping on proteins or vegetables. The Avocado Chick is as filling as any hearty salad bowl, packed with tender chicken breast, hard-boiled eggs, avocado and tangy chimichurri in fresh-baked flatbread (RM16).

For a nutritionally balanced alternative to fast-food beef burgers, bow to the Beef Burta, layered with a thick beef patty, telur goreng, cheese, tomato and leaves (RM18). Make no mistake - this isn't inferior to a burger in taste and texture; it's as punchy and kick-butt as any out there, all killer, no filler.

Swapping in for fish sandwiches, The Fish Pocket features deep-fried, crunchy-moist fish fillets with tartar sauce, wasabi aioli, gherkins and a lemon wedge (RM14); have it with fries for a pita take on fish 'n' chips.

Everyone will have their ELLO favourite - ours is the Salsa Fest, living up to its promise of a fiesta on your taste buds, with avocado, eggs and salad leaves, mingling with mouthfuls of zingy, zesty salsa and roasted pepper sauce, a meat-free marvel that's perilously moreish (RM14).



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