Daily Potion, Bangsar

January 20, 2020

Coffee that's crafted with real hands-on effort, affordably starting from RM4 for an Americano, with cool Asian-flavoured iced coffee beverages also in the mix: Daily Potion is ready to cause a caffeine commotion at its neighbourhoods in Bangsar, Bandar Sunway and Shah Alam. Step in for a glimpse of the shop's unique ROK manual espresso maker at work, then step out with a jolt of java that's wallet-friendly enough to fuel you up regularly.

Daily Potion's magic rests in its British-built ROK portable espresso maker, a marvel of elegant design that won the Best Product award at the London Coffee Festival this past decade. Daily Potion's Ipoh-born co-founder Aaron Huey Wong discovered the espresso maker in London while he was working as a flight attendant, making many cups of coffee himself for passengers to and from Singapore.

The coffee here is more noteworthy than any we've had on a plane: The ROK hand-powered, aluminum-armed espresso maker is easily capable of producing a professional-grade cuppa, without the need for more expensive but bulky machines. Daily Potion's baristas are fully trained to make the best use of it, resulting in coffee with robustly full-bodied flavours.

True enough, our hot Americano (RM4 for a double shot of espresso with mineral water - a terrific price, especially considering that similar coffee elsewhere in Bangsar costs double) proved rich and aromatic, with a lingering aftertaste to satiate coffee devotees. Most of Daily Potion's coffee relies on a house blend of Indonesian-cultivated, Ipoh-roasted beans.

Fun fact: Daily Potion's name is partly gaming-inspired, a nod to the passion of Aaron's brother.

For fans of chilled coffee refreshments in playful varieties, Daily Potion's smooth and soothing creations are also worth checking out. The Signature Iced Coffee is the can't-fail creamy classic, blending coffee with milk and brown sugar for that traditional crowd-pleaser (RM7.50), while the Champuccino brings tea to the medley for layers of extra fragrance (RM7.50).

Malaysian inspirations also seize the spotlight for the ultra-rejuvenating Cocopresso (RM8.50; espresso with coconut water) and the mamak-influenced Milo Latte (RM7.50; a coffee bar's take on the Milo Dinosaur, swapping the mocha for this brew of espresso, milk and brown sugar, unmistakably heaped with hearty spoonfuls of Milo). The beverages remain well-balanced, with coffee continuing to dominate for flavour.

For beverages with milk, customers can choose fresh milk, low-fat milk or even soy milk; the sweeteners at Daily Potion comprise honey or brown sugar.

Even if you're skipping coffee for the morning, you can still get your day's beverage fix here: The Signature Matcha (RM8.50) is green tea at its most gorgeous, featuring 100 percent matcha powder with milk and brown sugar, while the Skinny Cider (RM6.50) is tantalisingly tangy, fruit-propelled by apple cider vinegar with orange slices for the most wholesome drink in Daily Potion's arsenal.

If you'd like to transform these into a bit of boba, you can also add on seaweed-derived organic pearl jelly (RM2.50) for a gelatinous chew to accompany each sip.

Daily Potion was initially birthed as a grab-and-go venue, but it now also has limited seating space, with snacks that work for a fast breakfast or teatime treat. The salted egg lava croissant (RM8.50) is fresh and flaky, with thick salted egg yolk sauce that oozes satisfyingly out, potent but not cloying. Daily Potion's all-day promos include a combination of a croissant and a beverage worth RM7.50 for a total of RM13 (top up the extra difference for costlier drinks); other fuss-free snacks include curry puffs and mini muffins.

Cakes are also available, with the New York cheesecake (RM11.50) among the standouts that come in easy takeaway packaging (other choices include the California carrot walnut cake and the almond tiramisu cake). For these, Daily Potion also offers a promotion of RM15 for a cake with a drink worth RM7.50; the promo is available all day long, so feel free to indulge in cake at 8am if you want!

Daily Potion also operates kiosks conveniently located at Sunway Geo Avenue (Bandar Sunway) and SACC Mall (Shah Alam) and will open in Kuching on 20 February 2020.

Many thanks to Daily Potion for making our day with enough coffee to fuel a week's buzz.

Daily Potion

17, Persiaran Ara Kiri, Lucky Garden, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur. Open Mon-Sun, 8am-7pm. Tel: 03-2201-5458

Daily Potion can also be found in Sunway Geo Avenue (Bandar Sunway) and SACC Mall (Shah Alam) and will open in Kuching on 20 February 2020.

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