CUE@27, Sea Park

February 21, 2021

Sea Park's intriguingly evocative new eatery will be a magnet for fans of hidden spaces, tucked behind locked doors on the residential level of a PJ shop-house. Walking into CUE@27 is a step back in time, with the Eurythmics and Milli Vanilli, John Farnham and Paul Young blasting on the speakers in a converted home fixed up with a Return of the Jedi poster, CRT TV, VHS tapes and other artefacts from long-lost decades.

CUE@27's chef and co-founder Andy takes cues from international inflections for his cooking, which features home-made flavours and honest prices. 

The cheekily named Lamburger Hasil Dalam Negeri is a double dose of lamb in a lip-smacking patty layered with Japanese-influenced shabu-style slices, robust- and red-tasting without being overcooked or offputtingly gamy, topped with lively veggies, rounded out with crisp tater tots for a distinctively satisfying burger platter (RM21.90).

Swedish influences surface for CUE@27's own-made meatballs, a rustically textured blend of beef and pork, complete with mashed potatoes, brown sauce and a tangy side salad (a bargain for RM13.90), while Jamaica takes the limelight for the jerk chicken, a tender, warmingly spiced leg with subtle, sultry sweetness (RM20.90).

With craft beers to accompany your meal, it's easy and enjoyable to linger here for hours.

27, Jalan 21/1, Sea Park, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Currently open daily, 11am-10pm. Tel: 016-627-8270

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