Craft Burgers, 'Babs & Burritos

August 31, 2020

Burgers stuffed with Korean bulgogi; Turkish doner, Greek gyro and Moroccan kefta that take inspiration from kebab traditions; burritos, quesadillas and chipotle bowls bursting with more than merely Tex-Mex flavours: Craft Burgers, 'Babs & Burritos seeks to bring a world of border-breaking, belly-busting comfort food to your doorstep, run by longtime restaurant founders who are now branching into a dynamic new delivery brand.

You'll find Craft on Foodpanda for now, stretching mainly from Bangsar to Old Klang Road, with more delivery areas planned soon and a physical outlet also in the works. We had a sampling of their specialities recently, comprising plenty of vibrant, bold-tasting creations.

With nine burgers on the launch menu, everyone might have their own favourite; most of the burgers have beef or chicken options, with lamb and vegetarian patties also possible. 

Our Umami burger was as rich and robust as promised, with all the savoury, earthy dimensions of a grilled beef patty partnered with a parmesan cheese crisp and shiitake mushrooms, balanced out with roasted tomatoes and caramelised onions for the perfect proportions of a punchy burger (RM17.90). Other beefy picks range from The Chorizo (with beef chorizo) to The Sonic (with chili con carne) to The Itaewon (with bulgogi beef).

The burger patties are freshly ground - Craft currently offers a limited number of burgers each day, so get your orders in early.

Kebab creations come next: If you love smoky seasoned meat that evokes rotisseries, order the Turkish Doner (from RM15.90), in a choice of grilled chicken or lamb, tantalisingly textured, packed into a pita with crispy potato wedges, plus tzatziki strained yogurt, toum garlic sauce, red onions and lettuce, for the sort of satisfying snack you might grab off street stands that span Istanbul to Athens. 

Prefer your 'bab in a bowl? The Arabic Guys (from RM16.90) makes for a convenient, fuss-free lunch or dinner, with sliced chicken or lamb kefta blanketing biryani-style rice, layered with falafel, hummus and salsa for a nicely balanced ensemble of everything you'd need in a Middle Eastern-influenced meal.

We'll wrap - literally - with our favourite genre from Craft, with burritos, quesadillas and chipotle bowls. Craft captures the unmistakable potency of a powerhouse burrito with its Texas Jalapeno Popper, plumply stuffed with sliced Aussie rib eye steak, jalapenos, jalapeno aioli, cilantro lime rice, beans, mozzarella, cheddar and pineapple salsa - all that meaty, fiery, cheesy, zesty jazz rolled into a bundle of lip-smacking joy (RM14.90).

Fusion fun makes its mark in the Gangnam Style Quesadilla, a mouthwatering mess that brings together Gwangju and Guadalajara with a medley of caramelised bulgogi beef that's spiked not only with kimchi mayo but jalapeno ranch for a lively, full-bodied fermented tang (RM15.90). 

But if you crave cleaner-eating nourishment, the salad bowls should please: Our best bet is the Mexican Chipotle Bowl, hearty but still relatively healthy, with grilled chicken or steak on lime cilantro rice with the works - guacamole, beans, sour cream and salsa (RM16.90).

Thanks to Craft for this preview of its temptations.

Craft Burgers, 'Babs & Burritos: Facebook | Foodpanda

Website: www.craft.com.my

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