Cata, Bukit Damansara: Baking up beautiful bagels for deliveries

June 21, 2021

Bring us these bagels! Cata’s delivery-friendly bagels are lovingly handcrafted with 00 finely ground Italian flour and organic barley malt-syrup, cold-proofed overnight, punched down, risen at room temperature, boiled, brushed with egg wash, and then finally baked. 

This painstaking boil-then-bake precision marks the time-honoured, old-school method to create bagels with a crusty, glossy-crisp sheen and a pleasantly dense chew, sturdy and satisfying to bite down on.

Cata’s bagels come in two varieties - plain if you prefer subtly savoury simplicity, or the multigrain, with an earthy ensemble of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, white sesame seeds and flaxseeds (RM6 each, or RM28 for a set of five).

Cata offers scrumptious spreads to pair with the bagels - the Cream Cheese is a can't-fail classic, laced with diced scallions and capsicum for rich, creamy-crunchy textures (RM12), while the Japanese cucumber, loaded with dill and capsicum, is refreshingly uplifting with fresh-green flavours (RM11).

Cata even turns these bagels into a full, balanced meal, stuffing them with scallion cream cheese, arugula, and vine-ripened tomatoes (RM13). 

To pick a protein-powered bagel, order the Gravlax, brimming with smooth, thickly luscious slices of house-cured salmon, perfectly paired with red onions and capers (RM26.50).

Fowl feast: Fans of offal will enjoy the Chopped Chicken Liver Bagel, punchy with a pate-like filling that's buoyed by chopped eggs, dill pickles, capers and red onions (RM17), while the Breaded Chicken Schnitzel Bagel is bolstered by breaded chicken with remoulade sauce, a playful bagel-based take on chicken sandwiches (RM18). 

Need more carbs? Cata's current repertoire comprises everything from croissants to baguettes. Round out your meal with a snack or three - the Fried Spanish Onion Rings, with a light buttermilk batter, are irresistibly addictive (RM11).

50-G, Plaza Damansara, Jalan Medan Setia 2, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur.
Open Tuesday-Sunday, 10am-7pm. To order: otomate.co/oto-order/cata

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