Burrow, Bangsar Shopping Centre

January 15, 2021

Burrow is KL's new cavern of canelés, cakes and cookies, available for takeouts. Cosy and charming, it's now lovely with leafs but is sure to be lively with laughter later this year.

Canelés are the cornerstone of Burrow's baked temptations, offered in multiple varieties. 

Burrow's bakers do justice to the French classic, with caramelised crusts concealing custardy centres. While rum is renounced in Burrow's recipe, the canelés still satisfy for both taste and texture, with a delicious depth from the dark, crunchy crust, their eggy core brightened with Madagascar vanilla beans, sweetened with organic maple syrup.

You can currently have the canelés in their fundamental, frills-free form or embellished with Chantilly cream and toasted pecans (RM9). Burrow is working to introduce more flavours in the weeks to come, potentially including a Lunar New Year special.

While the canelés should be your first order here, everything else is well worth enjoying too.

The carrot cake is luscious, more gently spiced than some of its peers but loaded with fresh carrot goodness, nutty and nectarous with pineapples (RM14 per slice), while the salted caramel chocolate cake is fabulously fluffy, rich without being saccharine (RM14).
Raspberry lemon loaves also shine with a made-from-scratch reassurance, brimming with quality ingredients, tangy and perky (RM10). Even the brookies - brownie cookies - taste brilliant despite being gluten-free, dense and delectably fudgy, layered with chocolate, peanut butter or salted caramel (RM9 each).

Burrow BSC
GK12, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur. Currently open 730am-730pm. Tel: 03-2011-1221

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