Big Three Food Square, Menara Binjai

July 26, 2020

Big Three Food Square promises a trinity of tempations, combining a Japanese kitchen, a bar, and a kopitiam. 

This is us, enthusiastically enjoying eel that's elevated with a choice of creamy butter or silky-smooth foie gras (RM12 for a slice of Unagi Butter Nigiri Sushi; RM35 for the Unagi Foie Gras Nigiri). Portions are satisfying - expect more than a mouthful of sumptuousness from each piece, especially the dynamic duo of unagi and liver. Quality also hits the spot, making these a worthwhile order for eel enthusiasts and foie fans.

Plenty of playfully intriguing recipes - the Hanatei X Style Salmon Rare Steak is a should-try too, a plump. fleshy slab of sashimi-grade salmon that's a sumptuous treat, studded with ikura (RM35), as is the Ama Ebi Nigiri, doubly topped with whole, head-on shrimp, tasting fresh and naturally sweet (RM14 per piece).

If you're here for after-work snacking and sipping, pair the Mentaiko Tempura (RM25) with an easy-drinking Gin & Tonic, featuring Roku for its Japanese-inspired base (RM40).

Note: This visit and all photos taken were from early March 2020.

Big Three Food Square

G-01, Menara Binjai, 2, Jalan Binjai, Kuala Lumpur. Open Monday-Saturday, 10am-10pm. Tel: 03-2181-6441

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