Bamboo Jungle, Raja Chulan

October 11, 2020

Bringing together Klang bak kut teh and Cantonese dim sum, Bamboo Jungle is worth foraging through. Start with claypot bak kut teh (RM23.80; a full meal for two persons), which does justice to this perennial favourite - the kitchen's team reputedly comprises Klang-born cooks, so it's no surprise that the broth is soulful, smooth and soothing, brimming with wholesome nuances, bursting with tender, clean-tasting pork parts (the belly's the best). We had this meal with a friend whose childhood memories include BKT breakfasts in Klang with her grandfather; she gave this the thumbs up for heartwarming nostalgia.

Moving on: Steamed yam cake (RM8.80) or grilled radish cake (RM10.80)? Both feel fine, the former rich in tuber tastiness, the latter boasting a crisp bite and creamy chew. Have the BKT with these two and you're good to go.

We'd skip the har gao - the prawns are plump and sweet, but the skin is a stodgy letdown (RM12.80). A better bet is the cheung fan, stuffed with bone-free roasted duck flesh (RM9.80).

Chinese yam, juicy and crunchy, come prettily presented, with a blueberry sauce that's a bit more cloying than expected (RM28), while the oysters for the yee mee could be fresher (RM19).

We like the winter melon and liquorice chrysanthemum juices, both reviving and not too sugary.

Bamboo Jungle
84, Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur, 50200 Kuala Lumpur. Daily, 11am-9pm. Tel: 03-2162-5000

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