Ask @ Helsinki, Finland

August 25, 2017

This inventive Michelin-starred restaurant was one of our favourite dining destinations in Helsinki, bringing us on an hours-long gastronomic voyage through the heady pleasures of Finnish produce. Ask & you will receive a remarkable meal - highlights included rice crackers with fir tips & mushroom essence; sourdough spheres with whipped buttermilk; cucumbers with fish mayo; forest mushroom consomme; chanterelle panna cotta with fresh chanterelles & chanterelle vinaigrette & assorted sorrels foraged from the forest; crayfish & black salsify ...

 ... lamb carpaccio with shredded rose petals & rose vinaigrette; potatoes with butter & potato vinaigrette; slow-cooked whitefish with whitefish & cucumber ceviche; root parsley with birch twigs; rooster cooked in its own fat; Finnish cheese & carrots candied in their own juices; blueberry sorbet; marigold frozen in its own juices; sour milk pancakes with blackcurrant leaf dust, currant leaf ice cream & currant jam with this year's curds; & candied beetroot stems with berry croquettes. No fewer than 10 wines & beers were paired with this menu.

Helsinki, Finland.