Abba Hot Pot & Japanese Fusion, SS2 Petaling Jaya

April 18, 2021

Abba Hot Pot has been SS2's super trouper of soupy steamboats and piping-hot barbecues for six months now - it's the perfect place in PJ for wholesome, rainy-evening comfort, especially throughout Ramadan. 

For the fasting month, Abba is adding even more value to its nourishing, Muslim-friendly meals: Order any two sets and you'll enjoy the second set at 50% off, with a special bonus of free scallops and pickled cucumbers to boost your satisfaction.

Abba Hot Pot has also spruced up its space with some beautiful murals - it's a wonderful setting for a meal; head there for terrific photo opportunities.

Abba offers four different Hot Pot & Barbecue Sets, based on the primary protein. 

Each set is easily sufficient for one person, comprising both hot pot and barbecue components. It comes with fu chuk, fish ball, tofu cheese fish ball, egg, mushroom, lettuce and your choice of yee mee or steamed white rice, mostly meant to be cooked in the hot pot. The sets represent solid value, promising plenty of variety in your lunch or dinner.

For beef buffs, order the Beef Set  (RM31.90) to grill up some succulent New Zealand ribeye for the barbecue, paired with two distinctive, house-made sauces - the beef sauce that's laced with salt, sesame oil and olive oil, and a secret sauce that conveys notes of spice to buoy the flavour of the beef. 

Craving chicken instead? Check out the Yakitori Set (RM25.90), which channels a smoky, juicy Japanese touch with well-marinated, leek-layered chicken skewers to cheerfully and chunkily char on the grill. 

If seafood is the hot catch for you, try the Salmon Set (RM28.90), yielding a smooth, tender slab of Chilean salmon to sink your teeth into.

The Prawn Set (RM28.90) is a favourite for many patrons - these crustaceans taste clean and pure, perfect for a simple, soulful preparation. The prawns are wonderfully fresh, sourced from Pasar Nelayan Kuala Selangor.

Both the salmon and prawn sets are thoughtfully enhanced by a zesty, aromatic sauce of garlic, cilantro and lemon.

The Ramadan bonus is a brilliant bargain: If you order two sets, you'll not only enjoy 50% off for the second set, you'll also receive five pieces of baked cheese scallops and pickled cucumbers for free.

These half-shell scallops are impressively sizeable at nearly nine centimetres wide, complete with roe that brings out the beautiful sweet brininess of the molluscs. The scallops cost RM3.50 each on the a la carte menu, certainly worthwhile for seafood devotees.

The complimentary pickled cucumber is practical too as a tangy palate cleanser. 

For the hot pot element included in each set, Abba offers two soup bases to choose from. 

The Chicken Broth is clear and clean, light without a sense of oiliness, ideal for letting the original flavour of the hot pot ingredients shine through.

Customers will appreciate that the broth is also MSG-free, boiled with herbs for more than six hours.

The Spicy Mala boasts the unmistakable Szechuan-style heat, fine-tuned for a delicate balance that keeps the soup mala-fiery without being mouth-numbingly painful or drowning out the nuances of the fish balls and other ingredients.

All in all, Abba Hot Pot & Japanese Fusion works well for hot pots and barbecues, but true to its name, it also serves a series of Japanese-inspired bento meals, with choices like plump, flavourful chicken karaage, crispy prawns or saba fish, plus donburi such as beef, wasabi prawn or salmon rice bowls, as well as the famous Korean army stew, all ideal for single-serving meals or sharing.

Many thanks to Abba Hot Pot & Japanese Fusion for having us here.

Abba Hot Pot & Japanese Fusion 
41, Jalan SS 2/64, SS2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Open Tuesday-Sunday, 1130am-3pm, 5pm-930pm. Tel: 019-315-8118

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