888 Tea & Coffee

September 7, 2017

By Aiman Azri

888 Tea & Coffee has long cultivated respect for its range of tea, particularly in northern Malaysia. The brand was born in 1942 in Sungai Lalang, Kedah as a family-oriented tea merchant, eventually earning a reputation for the positive taste and healthful benefits of its products. 


This year marks a milestone for 888 Tea & Coffee. In June, it made its products more widely available throughout Malaysia. To commemorate this expansion, its team invited the media for a showcase of 888's specialities, offering instructive tips on how to brew and best experience tea.


While 888 is currently based in Sungai Petani, its teas are sourced from around the world, allowing the brand to brew the perfect mix for the Malaysian market. For this event, we were provided with a variety of black teas from different countries to brew and to taste.


Each had its own unique characteristics. What stood out for us was the Sri Lankan tea with its aromatic fragrance, the Kenyan tea with its potent aftertaste, and the Chinese tea, which was substantially milder than the others.


We managed to sample 888's most popular commercial product, the 888 Teh Wangi Rose. A mellow, lemony tea with a flowery fragrance, thanks to the fresh rose petals used to make it. This was a pleasant, soothing cup, and we were encouraged to experience with all of our five senses.

First, look at the cup of tea and smell its aroma. Feel the warmth of the cup. Listen to your surroundings, take it all in, and finally, taste the tea. It's a bit ritualistic, but we found that taking our time helped us appreciate the tea even more than usual.


Other products include the 888 Teh Wangi Ros Lemon, 888 Teh Ceylon, 888 3 in 1 Instant Milk Tea, 888 Kopi ‘O', and 888 D'Co Chocolate Malt Drink, and more. All are certified safe and halal.

888 Tea & Coffee products are now available at all major hypermarkets in Malaysia including Tesco, Giant, Mydin, and Aeon Big.

888 also served us a variety of food and drinks infused with its tea. The flavour came through in each recipe, and now we're thinking we should cook with tea more often!
Healthy tea-smoked flatbread filled with apple, tomato, spinach and tzatziki sauce.

Freshly made black tea loaf with salted butter.

Chicken marinated in cinnamon, soy sauce and premium black tea, roasted with premium black tea and smoked with 888 Teh Wangi Ros, served with peppercorn and Chinese tea sauces.

Black tea cookie and rose cake for dessert.

The Awakening Icy Mango Rose. A mocktail with mango puree, dried rose, chia seeds and 888 Teh Wangi Ros.
A final group shot. Seated third from right is Dato' Ang Poon Chuan who runs the company.