YummyLicious & KGB Bangsar Killer Gourmet Burgers

June 7, 2013

Heres the definitive burger binge: A deep-dive exploration of two fledgling burger businesses, both run by couples who pour plenty of passion, skill & soul into their work: Yummylicious, an ambitious delivery initiative, & KGB Killer Gourmet Burgers, a fun cafe opening today in Bangsar.

First up, Yummylicious, which offers creative compositions that strike a satisfying balance between hearty & healthy. Were crazy for Yummylicious chili crab burger (RM25), featuring a handcrafted, 120-gram crab meat patty sandwiched between green tea buns. Lusciously created for customers who love fresh crabs but loathe the cumbersome struggle with crustacean shells.

This is a two-person show: Jimmy & his wife, Adlin, cook everything at their Kota Damansara home, so most burgers must be ordered a day in advance before delivery, limited to nearby neighborhoods. The food is painstakingly made fresh; we received our burgers warmly packaged.

A huge Royal Swiss Mushroom Oblong Burger (RM27, sufficient for two), showcasing a unique 200-gram patty built with both Aussie beef & mutton for a potent flavor, cooked with no oil, MSG or preservatives, complemented by Swiss cheese, portobello mushrooms & extra virgin olive oil.

Rest assured, all the food is halal, including the K-Burger (RM22), chicken in charcoal buns, blanketed in Korean-inspired spicy sauce & cushioned by crisp lettuce.

Juicy Lucy (RM16), with a beef patty that features molten cheese inside instead of on top, reinterpreted further to illustrate Yummylicious motto of "Eat Healthy, Be Happy." The beefs grilled without grease & oil, but marinated with a dash of extra virgin olive oil.

Heres one time we wont mind a walk on the Dark Side: Yummylicious Vader Burger (RM16) is another black-bun beauty, boasting chicken katsu with a creamy sauce.

Still, the Force is strongest with the Yoda Burger (RM16), a shrimp burger stunner with a patty of European sweet shrimp & tiger prawns, topped with tartar sauce tinged with Italian herbs. Something as sensational like this makes us thankful that Jimmy & Adlin, both trained in law & self-taught in cooking, hope to open their own outlet sometime this year.

Prefer enjoying your burgers in a restaurant? Were all in luck: KGB Killer Gourmet Burgers launches today at Telawi, looking to live up to its murderously wicked name.

Many thanks to KGBs friendly spymasters, former accountants & current couple Steven & Jo, for extending this generous invitation to preview their American-style diner. KGBs claim to fame might be its signature buns, tattooed with its initials for a memorable coolness.

Begin with the basics: The Shack (RM13.90 nett), a tastily executed combination of a smashed patty & sharp cheddar cheese with a zesty NYC-inspired Shack sauce sandwiched in fresh, fluffy bread. Its what a cheeseburger oughta be; no more, nothing less.

KGBs inventiveness rears its sly head in Bash (RM18.90), topped not only with beef bacon relish & caramelized onions but also provolone cheese for savory, full-fat decadence & cornflakes for a honeyed, childhood-evoking crunch.

The Tornado (RM15.90) unleashes a torrent of hurricane-force flavors, partnering a grilled patty with fried egg, onion rings & fiery mayo for a crispy-creamy flourish thats potentially powerful enough to sweep us off our burger-loving feet.

Approach with caution: The Bobcat burger (RM15.90) might prove as wild as its namesake, made dangerous (but not life-threateningly so) with luscious green chili slaw & jalapeno mayo. Possibly one of our favorite spicy burgers ever.

Bella Bomb (RM21.90), best for big eaters, boasting beef crowned with an enigmatically named "portobello cheese bomb" ...

... split open to reveal a battered mega-mushroom thats explosively stuffed with a lava-like mix of parmesan, cheddar & mozzarella. Messy to eat but magnificent to enjoy.

Chicken occupies a lonely slot on KGBs menu, represented solely by the KickN (RM15.90), with parmesan-crusted breast meat, sharp cheddar & wasabi mayo. Not as succulent as its bovine brethren, but nonetheless wholly worthwhile on its own terms.

Talk about a fatal attraction: As if customers need more reason to head here, potato pursuers will likely love KGBs multiple varieties of fries, from simpler ones dressed with salt & pepper, herbs, malt vinegar or Cajun spices ...

... to more luxuriously heart-stopping types, tossed with truffle oil, kimchi & bulgogi beef, or a short-rib sauce, coming close to the robustness of poutine.

With new luminaries like Yummylicious & Killer Gourmet Burgers roaring into the limelight & providing mouthfuls of positive energy, the Klang Valleys burgeoning burger cult can rest easy, recognizing theres lots of life left in the burger-barnstorming revolution.

Contact number & ordering info: https://www.facebook.com/pages/YummyLicious/191168947643775?fref=ts
Payment via online banking necessary to confirm orders

KGB Killer Gourmet Burgers @ Telawi Bangsar,
23, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: 03-2201-1220
Open 5pm-11pm, except Tuesdays. Should open for lunch starting July.