Yummy Taiwan

August 19, 2012

Our first trip to Taiwan might not happen before we hit middle age, so it's up to outlets like Yummy Taiwan to fill us with food from the 'Beautiful Island' for now.

Oyster mee sua. A bit bland at first bite, but subsequent mouthfuls tasted progressively better. The combination of slippery noodles, super-thick soup, bouncy oysters and pleasurably chewy pork innards _ it's a recipe that works.

Beef noodles. Too oil-soaked for our liking. We wanted to let the bowl sit for awhile and wait for the oil to evaporate, but someone insisted that oil can't evaporate.

Pork dumplings in beef broth. Who knew that pigs and cows could coexist so harmoniously in one protein-packed bowl? We would have enjoyed this even more with a poached chicken egg.

Taiwanese burger. Fuss-free comfort food: pork belly, soft and sweet, encased in fluffy, pau-like bread and topped with crushed peanuts.

Braised chicken wings, eggs & bean curd skin. Tasted exactly as expected: excellent.

Fried organic sweet potatoes. Chunky wedges, crisply battered.

Lo bak rice. Photos on Yummy Taiwan's menu make the food portions look puny, but what comes out of the kitchen is shockingly hearty.

Crispy chicken. Not bad, but on its own, not outstanding enough to make us return.

Bubble tea. Boo hoo, no booze. And oops, we forgot to order the taro ball dessert.

Yummy Taiwan,
Fahrenheit 88, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.