Ying Ker Lou @ Sunway Pyramid

February 8, 2009

Our new obsession with Hakka food brought us to this outlet on an obscure corridor of Sunway Pyramid. Grab a window seat for a view of the theme park.

Braised pork belly noodles. They were generous with the meat, which was absolutely luscious, but the noodles weren't all that impressive.

Hakka yam abacus. A distinctive Hakka dish that's pretty filling. Not for carb watchers.

Fried "lei cha." A refreshing alternative to our usual rice dishes. Despite being fried, it tasted nearly salad-ish after the veggies were mixed with the grain.

Stewed pork knuckle with ginger and sweet rice vinegar. The one disappointment in our meal. Super-salty and contained more bones than flesh.

Bamboo shoot dumplings. Stuffed with lotsa veggies, this was an interesting change from regular dim sum.

Ying Ker Lou,
Sunway Pyramid.
Tel: 5636-3322