Yi Gourmet Vegetarian Kitchen @ Bandar Sunway

June 9, 2015

A unique new vegetarian restaurant has sprouted in Bandar Sunway, sowing the seeds of imaginative meatless dining.

Yi's highlight is a seven-course set dinner (RM78+; booking in advance is necessary) that shines the spotlight on a variety of vegetables assembled in a modern-minded fashion. The selection evolves according to what's freshest in season - you might start with appetite-whetting Aussie purple carrots infused with apple vinegar alongside raw seaweed, followed by a platter of crisp leaves with sweet-savoury sesame dressing or crunchy slices of Japanese cucumber with broccoli stalks & snap peas.

We respect the craftsmanship that's been poured into trying to ensure that everyone from fervent vegetarians to fanatical carnivores can find their meal here fulfilling. A sweeping spectrum of flavours & textures come into play - for creamy comfort fare, there's steaming-hot corn broth or gluten-free mushroom soup; for fun nibbling, a trilogy of taro root, shishito peppers & gingko nuts grilled with sea salt. Wholesome, fibre-fuelled nutrition for guilt-free feasting. 

We're not ordinarily fans of fungi, but our favourite offering at Yi is probably this medley of plump, juicy tempura mushrooms - Yi may appear to be a Chinese eatery but its kitchen's influences & technique demonstrate a sense of a cross-border diversity.

The menu describes this simply as 'nama yuba & seitan' - what surfaces is more intricate than expected, with the soy milk paste & wheat gluten comprising only part of a lovely-looking ensemble that's laboriously crafted with a keen eye for detail.

White asparagus seizes the spotlight for the final course - enjoy it either with Japanese turnips & shishito peppers or with what's described as a 'tree knuckle,' which turns out to be a vegetarian fritter to fittingly cap a dinner with surprising twists.

 Dessert might be mixed fruits with sour plum dressing, while choices for drinks include brown rice tea or assorted vegetable juice. If you're looking for liquor, walk over to Malt Berry Apes, also within the Eight Gourmets Gala restaurant hall, for vegetarian-appropriate potions like a melon-based Yara cocktail & tangerine Summer Time (both RM28 each). Many thanks to Eight Gourmets Gala's team for hosting us at Yi.

Yi Fine Dining Vegetarian
Eight Gourmets Gala, Ground Floor, Pinnacle Annexe, Persiaran Lagoon, Bandar Sunway, Selangor
Yi is open for lunch & dinner, Monday through Saturday

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