Yay Sammich

November 17, 2012

Yay Sammich, run by the folks behind Bangsar's now-closed Crumbs cafe, takes its breads & buns seriously, smacking every sort of stuffing into them.

Customers craving a brilliantly succulent burger/sandwich comprising braised beef brisket, cheddar, pickled red onions & jalapeno can check out www.facebook.com/yaysammich for ordering instructions.

Elvis-worthy butterscotch toast with hazelnut chocolate, bananas, beef bacon & maple syrup. We munched on this at BSC's recent Epicurious brunch fiesta; expect Yay Sammich to also hit Urbanscapes next week.

Bonus bread! Healthier varieties can be sought at Menara Tan & Tan's Living Food Bistro, like a Caesar sandwich of turkey, free-range egg & sprouted mustard,

Omega-3 in abundance: smoked salmon, dill nut cream cheese, capers & onions on rye.

Vegetarian sandwich of tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, nut cheese, sunflower seeds & guacamole. Pair with Living Food's walnut pate & flax seed crackers.

Glorious dessert bread: bananas & cinnamon on Ezekiel sprouted bread.

Caramelized apple crumble topped with oats & nuts, alongside an extraordinary chocolate tart, brimming with ultra-smooth, immensely flavorsome nut-&-cocoa cream.

Matcha soy latte & organic cold chocolate.

Yay Sammich & Sandwiches @ Living Food Bistro.