Yashiki @ Viva Mall

January 5, 2013

Despite being a mall thats not known for gastronomic delights, Viva Home does contain several worthwhile eateries, such as this porky Japanese place.

Succulent skewered meat: Yashiki offers a few unique varieties _ pork belly filled with melting-soft mentaiko, as well as smoky-savory bacon wrapped around unagi.

Pork fillet & loin, tonkatsu-style, with freshly ground sesame seed sauce. Well done, offering a mouthwatering crunch, a juicy chew & minimal grease.

Grilled crispy bacon with veggie reverse roll. A cool change from the regular fish & seafood-based makis, with the bacon supplying a fuller flavor.

Miso ramen. Not bad; wont win any awards, but it hits all the right umami notes for a harmonious combination of slippery noodles, fleshy cha siu & steaming broth.

The menu proclaims that Yashiki uses Sakura pork, which is supposed to be antibiotic-free. Cheers for an indulgence thats less guilt-inducing than usual then!

Yashiki closes late, so head here if youre feeling the urge for Japanese after 10pm.

Yashiki Yakitori & Bar,
Viva Home Mall, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2788-0672