Yaki-Yaki @ Bukit Bintang

April 2, 2009

Following in the footsteps of Jogoya and Tenji, this new buffet outlet hopes to strike similar success. But so far, it's not quite as good as its competitors.

For now, there's a 50 percent discount off the regular dinner rate of RM75++ per person. Promotion ends April 30.

The food is OK but unexceptional. Yaki-Yaki offers the option of barbecuing your own meat at your table, but it's a sweat-inducing hassle.

A decent range of sashimi, sushi and tidbits that are constantly replenished.

Herbal soups aplenty; check out the ginseng chicken and winter melon ones.

The tempura prawns are worth trying too. Crispy, fresh and not too oily.

More than enough coconut juice to go around, so no need to worry!

Yaki-Yaki Japanese BBQ,
Federal Bowl, Bukit Bintang.
Tel: 2142-8111