Xenri @ Old Klang Road

July 13, 2010

Xenri's menu contains both hits and misses, but its pleasant setting and efficient staff members make it a reasonable option for Japanese food on Old Klang Road.

Amberjack sashimi with organic apple dressing. It seems increasingly cliched to splash some sauce on raw fish and dub it "new-age sashimi," but when it works, it works.

Simmered yellowtail jaw. Moist and meaty, with a sweet succulence that made every mouthful a blissful treat. We'd return here simply for this.

Braised soybean dumpling. Healthy and well-prepared, but not exactly exciting.

Seared tuna with ponzu sauce. Its pinkness underscored its juiciness.

Salmon & bean curd. One of the least sinful recipes possible.

Unagi Yanagawa (eel with burdock root). Hot enough to scald our tongues.

Soft shell crab salad. A generous serving, without any hint of excess oil.

Simmered Wagyu beef cheeks. Perfectly executed, with none of the gaminess that sometimes plagues even premium beef.

Tempura Moriawase. Too thickly battered; not the tempura of our dreams.

Unagi cheese maki. As generic and uninspired as something at Sakae Sushi.

Nihonsakari Nama Sake & organic-grown La Monte Pierneef Sauvignon Blanc 2008.

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Xenri D'RiverView,
Wisma Elken,
Old Klang Road.