Wine Daddy x Wuff & Wok Bistro

March 12, 2019

In the hallways of history, Italian culture and Chinese cuisine have only occasionally collided, tracking back centuries ago to Marco Polo and Matteo Ricci, with frequent speculation of nebulous links between pasta and noodles. So while Italian wine and Chinese cooking might not seem like the most obvious pairing, Malaysian wine event maestro Wine Daddy and Subang's Wuff & Wok Bistro have teamed up this year to showcase a culinary marriage made as much in Piedmont as Petaling Jaya.

Wuff & Wok Bistro (a pet-friendly place that champions Southeast Asian Chinese-kitchen favourites, spanning Katong curry laksa to wan tan hor, Marmite pork to chilli crabs and lemon sauce chicken) has hosted two dinners so far this year comprising six-course menus paired with a selection of wines expertly curated by Wine Daddy. 

Based on the most recent edition in February, this is everything you'd want from a wine dinner: hearty, robustly nuanced food, from salted egg calamari to clams cooked in Chinese wine with ginger and herbs, stir-fried snakehead fish with spring onions in XO sauce to lusciously braised pork knuckles and chicken thighs, hitting harmonious notes with free-flowing bottles which buoyantly represent the vineyards of Veneto, Tuscany and beyond. 

Even on its own, the cooking impresses, beautifully tuned to bring out the best in the produce, so that even familiar recipes shine brighter than ever; with the wine (each of the six-strong vintages is vivacious and bursting with character), the meal becomes quite the journey, flying by nonetheless with an abundance of cheer among all who attended - three hours may feel closer to one. Follow facebook.com/winedaddy and facebook.com/wuffnwok for news on potential sequels to these sessions.

Many thanks to Wine Daddy and Wuff & Wok Bistro for a memorable evening.

Wuff & Wok Bistro is at 65G, Jalan SS15/5A, Subang Jaya. Wine Daddy is at facebook.com/winedaddy

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