WhatBalls Italian Street Food, KL

January 31, 2021

Italian streets, Malaysian eats: WhatBalls specialises in arancini, the Sicilian deep-fried rice balls, prepared by a Sicilian who has lived in KL for the past decade.

From ragu to rendang, WhatBalls features four flavours that range from the traditional to the tweaked (RM10 each, or RM30 for four).

Beef buffs can choose from the Alla Carne (punchily stuffed with slow-cooked halal Australian beef, Italian tomato paste, Malaysian home-grown herbs and mozzarella cheese) and Beef Rendang (faithfully recreating the spiciness of the Malay staple in a golden-brown, crisply breadcrumb-coated treat, for a different kind of rendang-and-rice pairing).

The Al Burro, bursting with a savoury blend of chicken ham and béchamel sauce, is the poultry pick of this quartet, while the Al Funghi is jam-packed with an oozy-creamy mix of mushrooms, roasted sesame and cheese for the vegetarian-friendly selection.



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