Warung @ Mid Valley

August 14, 2010

The food here is hit-or-miss, but Warung draws decent-sized crowds.

The otak-otak was exactly the way we like it. Soft but not too mushy, creamy without being watery, and flavorful without being spicy.

Alas, the same could not be said for their otak-otak sandwich, which was fried with egg & garlic. The otak-otak in this one simply turned into slime.

Roti Tampal. We absolutely loved this; basically roti canai with a sunny side up egg. Who needs roti telur when this is so much tastier?

Their Burger Warung had a sickening overabundance of Worcestershire sauce.

Nasi tumpang. Quite a treat; fluffy rice with lots of scrumptious fillings. If only this were more widely available in KL.

The Egg Banjo was the Burger Warung without the chicken patties. Dismal.

Nasi lemak. No real complaints. The fried chicken was crisp and tender.

Mid Valley Megamall.