Wall Street Bar

November 4, 2011

We saw no stockbrokers & hedge fund managers at this Solaris Dutamas hangout, but it's nevertheless a bustling bar that seems to secure bullish business.

Nothing uncommon on the menu here, but we loved the fresh-tasting curry puffs, brimming with boiled eggs & potatoes.

Samosas stuffed with cheese & spinach, superbly executed. Crisp on the outside, comfortingly warm & mushy within, without a trace of excess grease.

Beef sausages with Holland onions & cili padi. A spicy wallop to wake our taste buds.

More pub grub: battered squid, a deep-fried delight, long after dusk had fallen.

Everybody on every table was guzzling beer _ except us. But how could we resist the sweet satisfaction of the Strawberry Margarita & Lychee Martini, no matter how non-masculine they look?

Peach Margarita & Fantasy Island (with the cute cocktail umbrella, hurray!).

Wall Street Bar,
Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.