Villa Be Your Guest @ Bangkok

July 21, 2013

Elizabeth Taylor portraits are everywhere in this Bangkok bungalow restaurant, which features a vivid color scheme that Andy Warhol would have appreciated.

Villa Be Your Guest focuses on private functions, though walk-in customers are also welcome if there isnt an event going on (call first to check).

The food is French-Thai fusion (!); start with a black truffle scrambled egg canape, which sounds European but is laced with gentle Thai herbs for a refreshing feel.

Heres where the cross-continental inventiveness becomes obvious: laab moo (spicy pork) tart & vol au vent topped with crab & curry.

Sweet & savory: shrimp, mango & mozzarella cheese salad with olive oil & dill dressing.

Green curry spaghetti, ideal for carbohydrate-craving vegetarians.

Foil-baked snow fish with lemon & coriander seafood sauce. Slightly too spicy for our liking.

Roasted duck breast with green peppers & cinnamon. Pretty yummy.

Lemongrass creme brulee with macaron. Who knew that French & Thai culinary influences could work so well together? Maybe its a testament to the kitchens skill.

Villa Be Your Guest,
24, Sukhumvit Road Soi 23, Bangkok, Thailand. Very near BTS Thong Lo.