Vanity Mansion @ Asian Heritage Row

April 13, 2010

Click here for earlier entry on Vanity Mansion (March 29).

Slowly but surely, Vanity Mansion is expanding its offerings. Now they have satisfyingly thick slices of complimentary bread, which wasn't provided previously.

Wilted romaine lettuce with smoked anchovies & poached eggs. A well-prepared recipe with a creamy blend of flavours, but the portion was too puny for the price.

Grilled king prawns with Espelette pepper angel hair pasta & capsicum puree lemon butter sauce. Fresh-tasting crustaceans with a mild-flavoured pasta. But the description on the menu was more tantalizing than the actual offering.

Pan-seared foie gras with sherry caramelized apple tart tartine & spiced chocolate sauce. Can't go wrong with foie gras; wish the serving size had been chunkier though.

Baked pineapple flan with creme fraiche custard & meringue. Tasted like a fresh-fruit version of a pineapple tart, if that makes sense.

Chocolate mousse with lime cinnamon creme chantilly & vanilla sauce. Sumptuously sweet.

Greed (white rum, galliano, orange marmalade, monin spicy mango, mango juice) & Sloth (dark rum, blue curacao, monin lychee, monin cucumber, lemon juice).

Wrath (kiwi vodka, wild strawberry liquor, monin strawberry, lemon juice, cranberry juice) & Gluttony (gin, cointreau, orange marmalade, lemon juice).

Vanity Mansion,
Jalan Kamunting.