Vanity Kitchen Layer Cakes

January 25, 2014

Beautiful layer cakes, painstakingly baked & freshly delivered to your doorstep? Now possible in KL, courtesy of Micheele, an Indonesian food lover who has lived in Malaysia for nearly 15 years & is studying hospitality management at Taylor's University.

Micheele, who's enjoyed baking since childhood, has taken a step toward entrepreneurship by starting Vanity Kitchen, an online business that focuses on Indonesian desserts, particularly "lapis legit," a heritage recipe that harkens to the traditions Micheele learned from her mom, who credits Micheele's grandmother for handing down that culinary knowledge through the generations.

Micheele's layer cakes can come in the 'original' preparation, boasting a bit more than 20 layers, or for a special touch, be enhanced with prunes. Thanks to Micheele for presenting us with these samples. Her full-sized layer cakes, which weigh two kilograms & measure 22 centimetres by 22 centimetres, cost RM160 for the originals & RM170 for the prune versions.

See https://www.facebook.com/vanitykitchen http://vanitykitchen.wix.com/cakes#!menu/c1w2d for ordering instructions. Home & office delivery is possible for the KL city centre & Ampang.

Steamed brownies, a familiar favourite in Indonesia's city of Bandung, are also available for purchase (each kilogram costs RM65). Micheele says these contain less butter & sugar compared to baked brownies, but they still remain moist & creamy.

These treats go well with coffee or tea; we might try smuggling them to, say, The Food Store at DoubleTree by Hilton ...

... where the latte tastes better than expected, rich & robust enough to satisfy.
Main entry on The Food Store: Sept. 2, 2010.

Vanity Kitchen by Micheele Teo

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