Underground Burger, Bangsar

May 6, 2021

Our favourite burgers in Bangsar now belong to this secret stall on a side street, serving up double-patty, double-cheese delights with an Asian-inspired twist.

Underground Burger specialises in smash burgers, relying on metal presses to smash down the ground beef balls into flattened patties. The result: Evenly cooked meat with a crusty, caramelised sear.

Underground Burger gets all the elements of the burger beautifully - from the textured, real-meat beef to the firm brioche buns, offering pure tastiness to really sink your teeth into. 

Try the Asian Umami Style (RM16), boasting two patties, two slices of cheese and a house-made sauce enlivened herbaceously with mint, coriander and onions.

Underground Burger

Behind Lorong Kurau, Bangsar. Open Tues-Sun from 630pm.

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