Uncle Chilli's @ Hilton PJ

March 28, 2010

Still a defiantly old-school establishment, despite the hotel's valiant efforts in recent years to spruce up the menu with more modern offerings.

The bread looked like what a KL steakhouse might have served 25 years ago.

Complimentary crab bisque. Steaming hot and brimming with flavour.

Simmered roulade of sea bass with pommes puree. Looked like chicken, tasted like fish. Seemed like a healthy dish, with a fresh, natural sweetness.

Polenta-crusted salmon fillet. The fish was super-juicy, enveloped in a very thin, very crisp crust that added a nice texture to every bite.

Tomato-glazed black cod & seared scallops in saffron broth. Not bad, though the scent of saffron was somewhat lacking. Still, cod is always a crowd-pleaser.

Braised beef cheeks. Succulent meat soaked in an aromatic red wine sauce.

Lamb shank with onion confit & fried egg. Interesting recipe, but the lamb was too stringy. We broke the egg and drenched the meat in the yolk but that failed to enhance its flavour.

Ribeye Angus beef fillet with rosemary potatoes. Also too tough and chewy. The problem probably wasn't in the preparation but in the quality of the meat in the first place.

Passion fruit creme brulee. Lacked a proper caramelized sugar crust.

BDPR Languedoc VDP Chardonnay (France).

BDPR Languedoc VDP Merlot (France).

Uncle Chilli's,
Hilton Petaling Jaya.

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