UberMAKAN: Celebrating Our Malaysian-ness

August 21, 2015

Whether it's nasi lemak, char kuey teow or roti canai, food has the power to bring Malaysians together, regardless of race, religion or background. And in conjunction with Merdeka this month, Uber is launching a unique campaign to connect Malaysians to our favourite national pasttime.

This Saturday, 22 August 2015, from 11am to 5pm, Uber will be driving users to the ‘hidden gems' of our city: hand-picked eateries that serve authentic, soul­-warming Malaysian favourites.

With parking woes a recurring headache for most Malaysians, Uber aims to alleviate this by allowing foodies to travel to these places in a simpler, more convenient way ­ with their own private driver. Among the local favourites that users will be able to enjoy include laksa, banana leaf rice, char kuey teow and cendol.

1. Download the Uber app from the App Store or Play Store.

2. Once signed in, slide to the ‘MAKAN' option and tap ‘Set Pickup Location',

3. If there is an available MAKAN vehicle in the vicinity, you'll be picked up in minutes!

4. Once picked up, your driver will provide you with a list of options and you'll be driven to the outlet of your choice.

5. Riders will be charged RM15 to their Uber account ­- this will be for the entire experience of being driven to the outlet, as well as the return journey (excludes the price of the food).

Additionally, Uber is also partnering with popular food bloggers to lend an interesting twist to this event. Under the special ‘MAKANBuffet' option in the Uber app, users will have the chance to be accompanied on their culinary adventure by these selected ‘Makan Guides' ­- who will be happy to share with riders their love for Malaysian food.

For the MAKANBuffet option, riders and 2 of their friends will be able to eat to their heart's content at these local gems, and only be charged a flat rate of RM58 ­- this charge will also be automatically charged to their Uber app, and there will be no cash payment involved.

“All Malaysians, regardless of background, share a love for good food ­ and that's exactly what we want to celebrate this Merdeka. We believe in using our technology to bring joy to people, and we want to let KL­ites enjoy their favourite Malaysian delights, with their friends and family ­minus all the hassle that comes with driving in the city,â€� says Leon Foong, General Manager of Uber Malaysia.

Demand is expected to be very high, so don't give up if UberMAKAN is not available immediately. Be part of the #UberMAKAN community -­ share your experience and be sure to tag #UberMAKAN on Twitter (@uber_my) and Instagram (@uber_my).

For more details on this event, as well as terms & conditions, visit the Uber website at http://t.uber.com/ubermakan