TWG Tea Pavilion

May 22, 2012

TWG Tea fits Pavilion to a T _ stop and rest your feet here after too much window-shopping or simply sit and swap news about frenemies after watching GSC's latest superhero blockbuster.

Customers can wander through a wonderland of chocolates, macarons and tea, complete with a sparkling dining hall where a windfall of creative culinary creations await.

Expectations might be upended; we thought the creme de la creme of TWG's menu would be these beautiful poached eggs with hollandaise sauce and smoked salmon on toasted English muffins (RM28.50+) ...

... but what we loved even more were the extraordinarily creamy scrambled eggs (RM28.50+), garnished generously with saffron threads and served with spinach shoots and shrimp.

Sure, a hefty chunk of pan-seared foie gras on a cushion of caramelized apples and carrots, drizzled with a chocolate tea-infused vinaigrette, is a nice bargain for RM43.50+ ...

... but add a couple of ringgit and feel the full-blown flavor of liver in this terrine interpretation (RM45+), partnered with red radish and sakura tea jelly.

Some might swear on steak, insisting on the tenderloin with a thick Polo Club tea sauce (RM55+) ...

... but this Wagyu beef burger (RM43+) promises something more succulent and savory to sink your teeth into. As a bonus, both come with truffle-scented matchstick fries tossed in 1837 Green Tea powder.

TWG's macarons (RM4+) might be an acquired taste, with a mushiness reminiscent of soft brownies. But the infusion of tea flavors makes them worthwhile, with each piece evoking everything from Earl Grey Fortune to Moroccan Mint, Napoleon to Camelot, Bain de Roses to Lemon Bush.

Caneles (RM13.50+ for two) were once touted to be 2012's macarons, a potential for popularity that they haven't fulfilled so far, though the year is still young.

TWG's tea menu is staggering; we could spend the next six months trying a new blend everyday, without conquering the entire selection.

Worried there's no wine? The final happy surprise: Sacha Lichine Cabernet Merlot is available by the bottle and glass (RM22.50+).

Service is exemplary, with the service team trained at TWG Singapore gliding to the tables to bring out platters whipped up by the kitchen's two French chefs.

TWG Tea Pavilion,
Ground Floor, Pavilion Shopping Mall, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2142-9922