Too Late For Breakfast @ Acme

February 11, 2012

Can't wake up early enough for the most important meal of the day? Acme Bar & Coffee has introduced a section on its menu called "Too Late For Breakfast," comprising mostly egg dishes available 11 through 6, everyday except Sunday.
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How would you like your eggs? Fried with flair, featuring sunny-golden yolks with a fairy-dust sprinkling of crunchy herb bread crumbs, laid on a cushion of succulent asparagus stalks?

Or perhaps poached _ not exactly to perfection, but satisfyingly enough _ & partnered with grilled mushrooms & Acme's own-made toasted bread?

Maybe they're best baked, with spinach & ricotta cheese for a soft & savory melange?

But the fluffiest, most fulfilling one of them all: the scrambled eggs, still slightly runny, served with crumpets & interspersed with slivers of smoked salmon & spring onions.

Not looking for eggs? Not likely, but here's an addictive alternative nevertheless: fragrantly scrumptious gingerbread, set to be slathered with a thick, sweet spread of maple syrup butter.

Another addition to Acme's menu: cocktails (finally!). The cafe is starting with classics such as the Negroni (Hendrick's gin, Campari, vermouth, flamed orange).

It might be too late for breakfast, but it's never too early for a trusty Old-Fashioned (Bulleit bourbon, aromatic bitters, orange zest).

Mojito, with a twist (Bacardi Carta Blanca rum, fresh lime juice, mint leaves & salted caramel). Couldn't really taste the salted caramel though.

Daiquiri (Bacardi Carta Blanca rum, fresh lime juice & molasses).

And the teetotaler's option: coffee & orange juice, if you really, really must.

Acme Bar & Coffee (ABC) @ The Troika,
Persiaran KLCC, Jalan Binjai, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2162-2288